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B-girl's love&bliss formula is its own bit of magic in a bottle. Always hand crafted in small batches, B-girl is based on the time-tested principles of aromatherapy. Love&bliss is designed to be worn as a mild fragrance on pulse points. ORGANIC!* The B-girl formula contains the highest quality pure essential oils from flowers, plants and herbs in a soothing sweet almond and jojoba oil base. The B-girl formulas are designed to be subtle, gentle and not overpowering, unlike perfumes which have an alcohol base and are typically synthetic. Carry them with you wherever you go!

Featuring --

  • jasmine to bolster confidence
  • ylang ylang is unifying and sensuous
  • citrus oils are uplifting; for lightness of spirit
  • geranium for healing, balancing and intuitive energy
  • rose is loving and harmonizing
  • lavender to de-stress and help with self-expression
  • palma rosa for feelings of security and adaptability
plus it smells delightful!
$15 plus shipping. 1/8 oz.

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