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February 24th

Dear B-Girl,

I love your website! And I must tell you, I ordered the Love&Bliss oil and it smells so pretty. A funny thing happened too.. I wore it to the office one day (I've been working in the same place for years) and 3 men whom I've known for quite some time were talking to me much more than usual. Two of them asked me out. I thought about what was different that day (my conversations with them? My clothes?) and really- nothing was except that I was wearing the oil.

Also, I recently followed your advice for a cold remedy and it really worked. So thank you. :)

I am writing to you because I haven't been sleeping well the last couple of weeks and I thought you might be able to suggest a remedy for that.

Wishing you a successful apartment search,

*********************************************************************** B-Girl's Response:

Dear Grateful Girl,

What a great letter! Thank you for writing.

What a wonderful story about your experience with our Love&Bliss oil! We certainly do believe in its powers. As for your sleeping question, well, of course, the best thing would be to dab some of our Sleep oil under your pillow and visualize a pink light. We have many testimonials attesting to how well it works! But since you can't get the Sleep oil at the moment... try a little lavender essential oil(put on a tissue and sniff before retiring). The Sleep oil IS a wonderful blend of essential oils that all work together to help relax you but until it's available again - soon! - that's what we suggest may help in the meantime.

Thank you for your well wishes on my apartment search. I JUST found one that's very special. And that's good news for B-girl too. It'll be nice to feel more settled - although it's been quite a journey these last few months. Good luck to you too!

Best wishes,


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